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Is your hardware equipment approaching their ‘End-of-Service Life’?

The data centre hardware equipment listed below will be approaching their ‘End-of-Service Life’ phase within the coming months.  This means that the vendors will no longer be providing support for these storage, server and networking models

New hardware models added to our support portfolio!

Park Place Technologies are delighted to announce that we have added new hardware models to our data centre hardware support and maintenance portfolio.  We now provide support for: Dell VRTX EMC Isilon EMC VNXe 3200

Supporting your hardware around the world

With regional offices located in the US, Canada, UK and Singapore, and with logistical and engineering hubs located in other geographic territories, we can provide our customers with maintenance and support for their data centre

How Leadership and Empowerment Drive IT Cost Optimisation in the Data Centre

Senior Marketing Director Dave Vegh discusses what he learnt about how third-party maintenance can help IT Cost Optimisation at the Gartner Data Centre, Infrastructure and Operations Management Conference.

Is Your Post-Warranty EMC VMAX Storage Equipment Covered?

Park Place Technologies has developed EMC storage maintenance and support for the following EMC VMAX storage product line: EMC VMAX 10K EMC VMAX 20K Since its release in April 2009, customers continue to leverage the

Data Centre Hardware Maintenance Services Resolutions for 2015

With 2015 just around the corner, many people are making their New Year’s resolutions such as living a healthier lifestyle, doing more for the community or finally organising the scary attic that’s been left untouched

How do Cisco Unified Computing Systems work?

Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) is a fairly new technology that is evolving the way IT handles modern data centres. The innovative system unifies storage, networking, servers, and virtual operating systems and stands out from

3 technology trends that are altering hardware maintenance requirements

IT managers are facing many new challenges as emerging technologies push them to set aside long-held strategies and operations in favour of new ways to get the job done. This is happening in a variety

5 support pitfalls to avoid

Hardware maintenance planning isn’t always easy. While IT managers can use effective OEM support partnerships to keep costs down and get the help that they need regardless of where systems are in their lifecycle, they

3 tenets of a good hardware maintenance plan

Many IT managers have been dealing with hardware maintenance and operating support strategies from the OEMs for so long that they may not know what to look for when choosing a solution. The rise of

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